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Products from polymer clay

Handwork (hand-made) has always been appreciated. This is a way to get something unique, creative – something that no one else has. The most common material for creating handmade products is polymer clay. We already wrote how to make such material at home (see Business on polymer clay).

However, you can not only make polymer clay and sell it as a separate product, but you can also create various things from this material. From it you can make decorative ornaments (jewelry), key chains, photo frames, Christmas decorations, dolls, figurines and generally any things that can come in handy for creating home comfort.

Polymer clay (plastic) is a soft material based on polyvinyl chloride. It is initially plastic and soft, so it can be molded from it like from plasticine. When the product is given the desired shape, it is heated, due to which it hardens and becomes hard. Some types of material harden without heating, just under the influence of air. When creating things, you can immediately use colored clay or just paint them after manufacturing, when they harden. Any acrylic paint will easily fall on it. If the crafts are not subjected to frequent blows and other damage, then they can retain their “presentation” for a very long time.

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To begin
How to sculpt?

Art modeling is a creative process that requires certain talents. At a minimum, hands should grow from the “right” place. If you were praised in a kindergarten for having well molded a man from plasticine, this does not mean that you will also be able to perfectly make a modeling from polymer clay.

If you are modeling purely for yourself, then you can do it as you like. But if you want to create your own business in the production and sale of plastic products, and make money on it, then your products should be at least competitive, and at the very most, stand out sharply from the rest for the better. To achieve significant success, practice is needed. Therefore, if you feel that you are gaining mastery by practicing, then continue in the same spirit. In the opposite case, it is better to think about another type of earnings.

Carefully knead in your hands that piece of polymer clay that you are going to continue to work with. So the plastic will become softer, and giving it the desired shape will be much easier. Start training with the simplest elements, gradually moving to more complex ones.

For example, the first thing you can try to do is a flower and a leaf. To make a leaf, form an oval with your fingers from a small piece of material, then lightly press it to the working surface to flatten it. On one side of the oval, make a sharper edge, on the other – leave it rounded. Using a toothpick, draw veins on the leaf with squeezing movements. You will get something like this:

Products from polymer clay
We pass to the next element of the flower – to the petals. Roll five small balls, with your fingers, roll them along the working surface. Try to keep the edges as round as possible. Now you need to form these petals into a flower. Since each petal is slightly adhered to the surface due to pressure, you can disturb its shape when you disconnect them. Therefore, it is better to do this not with your fingers, but with a blade or other flat object. Lay the petals in a circle one on top of the other, overlapping the edges. Then place the leaf under the finished petals.

Products from polymer clay

Next, you need to subject the resulting object to heat, so that it hardens. You can use a conventional oven for this. However, if you use an oven in which, in addition to baking your work, you also cook food, then it is better to place the products in a container or food sleeve. When baking, plastic can produce fumes that settle on the walls of the oven and adversely affect the quality of your food.

Despite the fact that the desired temperature and baking time for a particular type of plastic are always indicated on the package, it is better to try first on a small test piece. Try not to overexpose the product in the oven – otherwise it will burn out (turn black) and emit a lot of smoke. In this case, urgently need to ventilate the room.

You can remove excess fat from the thing with any detergent. Put a small amount on cotton wool and wipe the product immediately after baking.

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