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Confectionery business: mini pastry shop at home

For some reason, an opinion has been established in our society that owning a business is expensive, difficult and time consuming, and not everyone can do it. Of course, there is some truth to this. But this does not mean at all that if you do not have a lot of money to invest it in your business, or specific knowledge, or time to prepare, then you will not be able to start your own business.

There are business formats that virtually eliminate all of these difficulties. Take, for example, the restaurant business. It is rightfully considered one of the most time-consuming. Premises, food purchases, recipes, customer service. This is all very complicated, especially for a beginner.

But if your soul lies in cooking, and you want to make money on it, why not open your own candy store? We already wrote about how to start a confectionery business. There you will also find a business plan for the patisserie. Consider a simpler format for this business – a pastry shop at home.

A marathon where you will create passive income live from scratch and find out specific strategies for investing in apartments, houses, garages, cars and even profitable sites
To begin
How to open a pastry shop at home

Any person who is interested in such a business will immediately have a number of questions in his head. We tried to answer them.

How to register such a business?
Home baking should be done very carefully. State regulatory authorities are very wary of this type of business, since food production at home can have many risks. Organizing all the necessary sanitation facilities at home can be a daunting task. Therefore, start such a business in small volumes, and you should not hang the sign “Cakes are sold here” on the porch.

By law, registering such a business, of course, is necessary. Optimal is to register an individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur) (if you are a resident of Ukraine, then FL-P is an individual entrepreneur). A person who will be directly involved in baking should have a health record book and undergo a medical examination regularly to avoid disagreements with the sanitary-epidemiological service. In the same service, you will need to get a conclusion that confirms that your products comply with all standards and can be sold.

But if at first it is planned to sell products to your friends, acquaintances and friends of acquaintances, then for some time you can do without registration.

What to cook?

Those products that you get the best and that you like to cook. The main thing in this business is quality. If you have a favorite product that you work with most often, start with it. Anyway, with experience, the ability to cook almost any pastries will come to you. Here is a short list of popular confectionery products:

cupcakes (small cakes similar to muffins);
cookies (French “pasta” is now popular);
pies and pies (sweet and savory);
waffles, puffs;
rolls, bagels, donuts, etc.
To decorate them, use fresh berries and fruits, chocolate and chocolate figures, dragee beads, multi-colored creams. Try not to use mastic, this is the last century. Cakes with mastic do sometimes come across impressive, but more and more modern confectioners are moving away from this way of decorating sweets. If you really want to, then use it at least in a very original form and forget about traditional roses, petals and bows.

What equipment do you need to purchase?
Even in the home business, an oven alone is clearly not enough for you. Of course, you will do the basic manipulations in the confectionery with the dough, and the oven will be the main equipment. But in order to be able to cook a variety of confectionery products, and not just confine yourself to cakes and rolls, you still need:

device for cooking chocolate;
deep fryer;
confectionery syringe (for working with cream);
large refrigerator (it is better to have a separate one);
baking tins;
and a lot of different dishes – from bowls to knives.
Where to look for customers?

The best advertisement for such a home business is word of mouth. Any person in their right mind would rather believe the recommendations of their friend than the ads seen somewhere. But for word of mouth to work faster, you can “rush” it using such methods.

Get pages of your home patisserie in popular social networks. You do not have to immediately become an expert in SMM, just start small. Fill the page with information about your services and write how to contact you. Invite people who fall within your target audience to your community.

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Confectionery business: mini pastry shop at home
For some reason, an opinion has been established in our society that owning a business is expensive, difficult and time consuming, and not everyone can do it. Of course, there…


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