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Soap making as a business

Girls and women are very fond of caring cosmetics and hygiene products. And some are just obsessed with a variety of shampoos, creams, lotions, gels, soaps … And when these funds look and smell good, you want to get them doubly! Handicrafts always attract attention – they are original, unusual, and most importantly – exclusive!

Today we suggest you consider a business idea such as soap production. Soap production business can be carried out simply at home, without spending money on renting and arranging premises.

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To begin
Soap Making as a Business: Where to Start

The soap making process is quite simple. But if you have never done this before, then you should first learn the various techniques and methods for producing home soap. Look on the Internet for training videos on soap making, step-by-step instructions, recommendations from soap producers. If you have the opportunity to attend a live master class, be sure to do it.

Experienced masters of soap making often hold such events, for free or at a nominal price. The goal of such class masters is to draw attention to their business, show the process of soap making from the inside and find new customers. And for you, this can be a great springboard to your own business.

It is also important to examine the level of competition. Explore city forums, message boards, social media communities. Enter in the search engine “handmade soap in your city”, and then go to all the links that you will be offered. All these people (or even small companies) will be your competitors. If you live in a big city, then initially you can choose only residents of a certain area as your target audience. Then the circle of competitors for you can significantly decrease.

When studying the goods of other soap makers in your city, pay attention to how they attract customers and what products they provide. In your business, you must find ways to become better than your competitors. If this is a system of discounts – you must offer more profitable, if it is products of a non-standard form – you must produce even more original. By making it a competitive advantage, you can make not only a beautiful soap, but also a useful one, with the addition of various skin-care ingredients.

Also, an excellent move would be the production of gift soap for a particular holiday or event. For example, for the New Year – in the form of Santa Claus, for the day of the economist – in the form of a calculator and so on. However, if your competitors already have all this, then you should work hard and come up with something new.

Soap making as a business
What is needed for soap making at home?
To make money on handmade soap, you will need to carefully prepare for the start of production. In what will be the result of your work, an important role is played by the materials that you will use. So, for starters, you will need to purchase:

molds for soap;
soap used as a base;
main ingredients – oils, dyes, flavors, fragrances, etc .;
decorating elements – for example, coffee grains, sparkles, stamps, shells and all that is enough for imagination;
packaging materials – paper bags, ribbons.
The base soap is most often used odorless baby soap. It is hypoallergenic and produces a pleasant emollient effect on the skin. The fact that it is odorless is also a plus, so attention will not be distracted from the main aroma of soap created by the basic component.

You can find all the materials in ordinary supermarkets in the cosmetology department or in specialized stores on hand-made.
Forms for soap can be used plastic or silicone. The second is a little more expensive, but they are more convenient to use. It is much easier to remove hardened soap from them.

Soap production technology at home

Now let’s move on to how to make handmade soap. Immediately make a reservation that there are a lot of soap recipes, and you can experiment with various technologies, additives, techniques. Here is a general instruction on how to make soap yourself:

Take the base soap (odorless baby soap), three on a medium grater. Use deep durable dishes, it will be easier and more convenient.
We prepare a water bath and start to melt the grated soap. Thoroughly stir the liquid soap.
Add the oil that you selected as the base oil to the resulting soapy liquid. It can be coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter. The main thing is that the base oil must be hard.

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