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Candy stand

Nowadays, many people want to start their own business, but not all of them have the opportunity to do it. In order to open your own company, you need to make a lot of mental and financial efforts. Therefore, the home business is gaining more and more popularity. Typically, such business ideas that can be implemented at home do not require huge cash costs, but many of them are quite in demand. These include business on bouquets of sweets.

Candy bouquets cannot be called a radically new idea, however, it has not yet been jaded and boring by consumers. Some are already familiar with this type of composition, but for some it can be an interesting novelty. If you approach the organization of this type of business wisely, for many people you can make bouquets of sweets a priority over ordinary flower bouquets, which we are used to.

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To begin
Candy bouquets

Making candy bouquets is an activity that is of particular value because it is handmade. As you know, any manual work is an exclusive, which is not always possible to repeat exactly. And not often do masters want to do this, because they understand: their work attracts customers, first of all, with originality. Among other things, bouquets of sweets are also interesting because they are a great gift for almost any occasion.

What should a candy bouquets master have? Of course, a talent for hand-made activities. Such bouquets are made manually, so you should at least “make friends” with your own hands. A sense of style, harmony of color tones and shades is also very useful. Not every client will be able to accurately describe what he wants to see as a result, however, each client wants the result to be beautiful and elegant. If the master can feel it, then his work will deserve respect and gratitude from customers. Masters who independently create the design of their compositions are much more valued than those who use other people’s ideas.

Business prospects
We all faced the problem of choosing a gift for our loved ones. And gifts to the female gender always cause the greatest difficulties, right? A bouquet of sweets is a great addition to the main gift instead of a banal bouquet of flowers! In addition, a bouquet of sweets can serve as an independent gift – such a present certainly will not forget the girl who received it. Just think about how many holidays there are in the year that you want to pamper your friends and relatives: Birthday, New Year, March Eighth, Valentine’s Day, etc. In addition, your friends have weddings, major anniversaries, anniversaries of any event, some personal dates.

Now imagine yourself not in the role of a consumer, but in the role of an entrepreneur who is engaged in the creation of creative candy compositions. In fact, all the inhabitants of your city are your potential customers. The main thing is to gain good experience in order to produce high-quality goods, and to conduct a competent marketing strategy so that you are known and remembered.

Candy stand
DIY candy bouquets

Now on the Internet there are a lot of training courses, video lessons and master classes that can teach you to perfectly master the art of composing candy compositions. Various techniques are used to create bouquets of sweets. But they all boil down to the fact that you need to “mask” candy under flower buds. Sweets are naturally wrapped. Instead of stems, cuttings made of wire wrapped in wrapping paper or tape are used. To make the easiest bud, attach the wire to the edge of the candy wrapper, and then wind the wrapper around the wire. To keep this design, it is necessary to tightly wrap once again the place where the wire connects to the candy wrapper. Using this technique, sweets in such a bouquet will be immediately visible.

You can also use other ways of arranging bouquets, for example, wrapping the candy itself (in a wrapper) with decorative paper, and then attach the resulting “bud” to the “stem”. You can decorate sweets into buds in different ways: imitate an unopened bud, create flower petals or create some form of bud. Such compositions are even more interesting, since those who receive such a bouquet may not immediately understand that there is candy in each bud.

Using paper, you can mask sweets not only for flowers, but also for berries or fruits. This idea is also interesting: a bouquet is obtained, for example, from small strawberries, inside of which there are sweets.

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