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How to open a freight car service

The number of cars in the CIS countries is growing inexorably, therefore, car service services of both cars and trucks are becoming more than in demand.

Statistics show that at the moment there is a shortage of auto repair shops for a freight mode of transport – they are 2 times less than necessary for the number of cars that are available. Having invested money at the start of a business, in the future you will be able to have a stable high profit from opening a freight service station.

Just like when opening a car service center for cars, you have to take care of many nuances that will ultimately build your business into a complete picture. This includes finding a room, documenting a business, drawing up a list of services provided, and more.

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To begin
Place for freight service

When choosing the premises where the car repair shop will be located, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it is forbidden by law to open such enterprises closer than 50 m to water bodies and residential complexes.

Also take into account the requirements for the premises in the presence of sewage and centralized water supply. It’s good if there are motorways, gas stations and garage areas next to the car repair shop.

How to open a freight car service
Required documents
To open a freight service station, you must collect a certain package of papers. It includes:

A document confirming the fact of buying a room or a lease.
Permits from the fire inspection and sanitary and epidemiological station.
Contract for the supply of heating and water.
Document confirming the compliance of the work with service standards.
Certificate of tax registration.
What freight car service offers

Today, the full range of services includes about 100 items. It is possible to provide all types of services only with competent business organization and the availability of full technical equipment. The most common types of work are:

Assembly and disassembly.
Lubricant refueling.
Tin welding.
Steering and system repair.
Engine repair.
Charging the batteries.
Painting work.
What equipment to purchase and in what quantity – depends, of course, on the size of your workshop and the services provided. We are considering a medium-sized car service with a standard list of services, so the equipment will need something like this:

Engine repair systems.
Stands for refueling with oils and liquids.
Assembly and disassembling complexes.
Lifting mechanisms.
Rack lifts.
Equipment for lubrication of nodes.
Tire repair stands.
Balancing equipment.
The possible amount of profit directly depends on the list of services that the freight workshop will provide. You need to understand which work brings more and less income. The most popular ones are locksmith work. Bodywork and paintwork are slightly less popular, but they also make up a good percentage of total profit. Try to concentrate around them in order to achieve the greatest financial effect.

How to open a freight car service
Demand for services

According to observations, the most profitable months for freight car services in the year are November and December. It is this month that the largest number of truck owners are “activated”. In early summer, demand is declining, and reaches its minimum in August. However, not all types of services are subject to seasonality. For example, removing dents and setting up silencers are services that have the same demand year-round.

Business plan
When compiling it, you must pay attention to the features of such activities in your region. We give you examples of some fixed costs:

Rent – $ 5000
Utility Payments – $ 1000
Garbage collection – $ 55
Water Consumption – $ 550
Advertising – $ 680
Stream repair – $ 800
Tools – $ 540
Additional costs – $ 900
Income points:

Tire service – $ 1600
Painting work – $ 10,200
Lifts – $ 13,600
Diagnostics – $ 5000
Sink – $ 3500
Pit – $ 2700
Cleaning, hauling – $ 1700
Wheel alignment – 7000
Tin shop – 20400

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