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Auto repair business plan

Opening a car repair shop is a great business idea for those who care about cars. Having started such a business, you can successfully combine doing what you love and getting a decent profit.

In each city there are a sufficient number of car owners, and sometimes they all need the services that a service station or abbreviated service station provides.

Here you can download a ready-made sample business plan for a car service for free.

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To begin
How to open a car service

This can only be done by a person who understands machine repair. A business will not be successful if you simply hire knowledgeable people and organize their work. If you yourself do not understand anything about car maintenance, then you will simply be deceived, and your employees will begin to do this.
Car service is engaged in the maintenance of auto and motorcycle equipment. The opening of such a business is different. Each region has its own rental rates, equipment costs and more. On average, about 40 thousand dollars are needed to open a small car repair shop for 2-3 cars.

What do you need to open?
You need to register as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity (you can choose the registration form yourself, based on what kind of turnover is planned) and go through the entire procedure of documenting.

To register the TO station, a number of documents are submitted to the transport inspection: application; charter; lease of space; certificate from the sanitary and epidemiological station; certificate from the fire department; certificate of compliance with standards; document confirming the appointment of the chief safety officer. You will need to register with the tax service.

Auto repair business plan
Car workshop services

The wider the range of services that you will provide, the more customers you can find. Minimum list of service stations:

Car body repair.
Car maintenance.
Sale and installation of individual spare parts (new and used).
Sale and installation of car accessories.
Presale preparation of cars.
The general name of the service is shown here. More specifically, car services are engaged in such tasks as, for example, repairing engines, gearboxes of the brake system (this is one of the most beneficial services), replacing the steering gear and clutch, tuning, tinting windows, installing xenon, painting.

One of the most common services that customers will go to more often is preparing a car for sale. This is a whole complex aimed at giving the car a “salable” look – eliminating defects, imperfections in the operation of the car, possibly replacing some parts.

Another service at the TO station can be a car wash. It can be a separate paid service and a necessary measure (for example, washing parts and assemblies before repair).

Tip: if you are limited in finances and are interested in making a quick profit, at the very beginning of the business, concentrate the work of a car service around: tire fitting, painting, body repair, car wash, as they are more cost-effective.

Selection of premises for service stations
Take this seriously. Wrong choice can negatively affect the organization of your activities. In accordance with the standards of the sanitary and epidemiological station, you cannot open a car repair shop in residential buildings. The car service will include the following premises:

administrative (executive offices, medical center, place for lunch);
sanitary (shower, toilet, utility room);
production (for technological operations);
warehouse (for storage of parts, materials, fluids, tires);
outdoor (parking places).
The size of the room in which the workshop will be organized is different. It all depends on the number of work posts. Optimal is a car service for 5-10 posts. It is best to create a car repair shop near large highways, gas stations, and garage areas.


To open a car service you need the following equipment:
• Two-post and four-post lifts.
• The stand for adjustment of alignment.
• Air compressor.
• Centralized hood.
• Diagnostic scanner (for foreign cars).
• Transmission rack.
• Traverses, jacks.
• Equipment for filters.
• Equipment for tire fitting (machines, compressors).
• Tool kits for each workstation (wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, screwdrivers, vice, bushings, flashlights).
• Consumables (oil, grease, nickel, rubber, weights).

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