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3D building printers are devices that use extrusion technology (extruding building mixtures), designed to print both small and large architectural forms (depending on the model and characteristics). A small budget 3D printer allows you to build home gardens with unique design, elements of buildings, fences, concrete garden furniture with high precision and low cost.

The demand for 3D printing technology for houses is growing rapidly, since its use can significantly reduce the time of construction work and reduce the cost of constructed structures by several times. According to many experts, the future lies in the use of 3D building printers, so this equipment can become a good foundation for a successful business today.

Using a 3D printer for business.

Printing an entire house requires expensive large-format 3D printers, which require special skills to control. Model S-6044 is an excellent alternative that allows you to create separate parts of structures up to 12 cubic meters. m., for example, decorative elements that are difficult to create manually.

Household building.

The S-6044 printer is advisable to use for the production of decorative outdoor furniture. For example, the cost of manufacturing benches with a unique architectural design will be about 1.5 thousand rubles, while their retail value exceeds 5 thousand rubles. Performance S-6044 allows you to produce about 15 units of outdoor furniture per day (depending on the complexity of the configuration):

Printed concrete products.

To start a business you will need:

Buying a construction 3D printer. The cost of the S-6044 model at the moment is 960 thousand rubles. The device can be leased.
Room for installing and operating a 3D printer with running water.
Mixer for the preparation of building mixtures.
Consumables (cement, sand, water, special additives).
Staff (2 people) to manage and maintain the printer.
Workers with experience in the field of architectural design, able to work with programs for 3D modeling.
Transport for the delivery of printed items.
3D printer AMT S-6044.
For example, consider the model of the construction printer S-6044. It is designed to create a wide range of small architectural forms. It is used for the quick construction of small (up to 13 m2) household buildings, building elements and the creation of products for landscaping, outdoor furniture, reinforced concrete structures, fences. The model is also used in the construction of large facilities, producing components that are subsequently assembled as a designer at a construction site.

CNC Software – ArtSoft Mach3:

ArtSoft Mach3 in CNC.

AMT S-6044 is in demand on the market; it is often acquired by entrepreneurs to create or expand a construction business.

Printer Advantages:

High operational resource and fault tolerance. This is a professional workshop equipment with a warranty period of 12 months.
Variability of design: special mounts for installation on walls, devices for preparing the working mixture, powered by 220 and 380 V.
Easy control, a computer and specialized software included.
Country producer – Russia. A novice entrepreneur will not have problems translating the instruction manual, as in the case of acquiring Chinese equipment.
The use of common building mixtures based on cements M400 and M500. Supports mixtures with fiber and mineral additives.

Name Description and indicators
Purpose: Printing of building elements, small forms up to 12.6 m2.
Drive Type: Stepper motors with helical gears
Working speed: 9 m / min.
Positioning Speed: 12 m / min.
Positioning accuracy: 2mm
The size of the printed layer (high): 10 x 30 mm
Working area: 3.5X3.6X2.5 m.
Productivity per hour: 0.6 cubic meters
Power consumption: 1.6 kW
Weight: 870 kg
Despite the modest distances for working areas, if necessary, the printer can be upgraded as shown in this video:

materials for concrete.
The main materials for building houses using 3D printers are concrete and sand concrete. For facing waterproof types of gypsum can be used. Some models create structures from mixtures, which contain plasticizers, fiber, geopolymers.

To obtain more durable structures, reinforcement is performed. Workers manually install fittings both horizontally and vertically. Subsequently, the voids are filled with concrete mixture.

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