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Biofireplace production as a business

There are three things that you can look at forever: how a person works, how water flows and how fire burns. For a long time, fire has remained for man the most mysterious and untamed object. People want to have a piece of this mystery in their home, so fireplaces are gaining more and more popularity. But installing a fireplace is a rather expensive service. In addition, to install it, you will need certain permits and mandatory coordination with the fire departments.

Today there is a great alternative – a biofireplace, because it can be installed almost anywhere and get a live fire without extraneous odors and smoke. The chimney does not need to be carried out, the only condition is a well-ventilated room. The advantages of this type of fireplaces can also be attributed to their environmental friendliness, ease of maintenance and basic installation.

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To begin
Directions of business development on bio-fireplaces

There are several main areas:

Self-made bio fireplaces and the sale of finished products. It can be both large floor bio-fireplaces, and small souvenir, decorative options.
Production and sale of biofuels. For the functioning of any biofireplace, a furnace for a combustible substance and directly biofuel are needed. Such products will be in demand among people who already have bio-fireplaces.
Sale of finished products. You can act as an intermediary between the manufacturer of fireplaces and end consumers – to create advertising, promote products on the market, to make transactions. Such mediation can also bring you considerable income.
Let us now consider each of these areas.

Biofireplace manufacturing technology
Making a bio fireplace with your own hands is not difficult. The first step is to decide on:

type of biofireplace. The most common are desktop and floor;
number of burners. The larger the fireplace – the more burners are installed in it;
fuel tank capacity.
How to make a desktop bio fireplace with your own hands

For manufacturing you will need:

glass cutter;
silicone sealant for gluing glasses;
stainless steel mesh;
metal box;
medium-sized stones or pebbles;
fuel for biofireplaces (bioethanol);
cord (wick);
metal glass for fuel.
When calculating the dimensions of the future fireplace, it must be taken into account that the distance from the burner to the side windows should be 15 cm or more. If several burners are used in a biofireplace, then the distance between them should also be 15 cm.

do-it-yourself bio fireplace
making a bio fireplace yourself
home fireplace production
The process of making a bio fireplace with your own hands is as follows:

Pour the combustible substance into a metal glass. This is important, as some types of fuel are sold in plastic containers. We put at the bottom of a metal box.
Cut a metal mesh in the shape of a box and put it in it. You can make two layers of mesh for strength.

We lay the entire surface of the mesh with heat-resistant stones. Stones are used not only for decoration, but also very important for optimal heat transfer and uniform heat distribution on the surface.
We make a wick from the lace and immerse it in a metal glass with bioethanol, set it on fire.
That’s all. As you can see, making a bio fireplace with your own hands is not difficult at all!

Scheme of a fuel tank for a biofireplace
If we follow the production technology of biofireplaces, as a fuel tank, we will need to use a sealed container made of stainless steel sheets. At the same time, welding will be required, since it is necessary to make the seams airtight. It is recommended to perform argon welding with a semiautomatic device – then the seams will be neat and tight. First, the metal sheet must be sized according to the required dimensions, and then bent at 90 ° to make a box. The lid is cut separately. The following drawing can be taken as the basis for the manufacture of a biofireplace fuel block:

biofireplace fuel tank diagram
After welding of the main box is completed, a smaller container is placed inside, and a lot of holes need to be made in its bottom. The container is filled with absorbent material and then the lid is welded. The finished fuel tank may look like this:



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