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Sausage production as a business

Do you want to go into the sausage business, but there are no funds to open a meat factory? You can open a small sausage shop and produce sausage, which in quality will not be inferior in quality to that produced at large meat plants. Sausage is one of the most popular products in stores. Everyone loves her – both adults and children. We will tell you how to start your sausage business and what you need for this.

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To begin
Where to start a sausage business

In order for the sausage business to be successful, it is necessary to take care of such issues in advance: registration of the business, production facilities, equipment, raw materials, personnel, sales of products. We will consider them.

Business Registration
In this business, the registration of a company is not so scary as obtaining all the necessary permits. You must go through the standard procedure for registering an IP or LLC, but that is not all. To have the right to produce food, you must coordinate all issues with the sanitary-epidemiological service, veterinary control, and consumer supervision.

You can certify products either with the help of GOST, or with the help of a declaration statement. The first option is better for large enterprises, the second – for small ones. A declaration statement is a document that describes the technology of sausage production, production conditions, etc. GOST certification is more complicated. Here, documents such as a test report, a quality certificate, a veterinary certificate, a certificate of hygiene are already needed.

Production room

Immediately it is worth abandoning the option of placing the workshop in a residential building. Even if you need a very small workshop, veterinary control will not allow you to place it in a residential area. There are a lot of nuances in organizing a production room for a sausage shop. One of the main rules – finished products should not intersect with raw materials. Boning of meat and directly production of sausages should take place in different rooms. If you have never encountered anything like this before, it is better to contact a specialist who will tell you in detail what should be organized in the production room for the manufacture of sausages and meat products.

Your production area will take at least 60 square meters. Keep in mind that you will need to place:
– warehouse space;
– pantry for inventory and small tools;
– a room for washing appliances;
– large refrigerators where raw materials will be stored;
– a place for heat treatment;
– a separate warehouse for storing sodium nitrate;
– as well as facilities for management and employees.

Often, when an entrepreneur has difficulty finding a suitable room, it may be advisable to install a candy bar. This is a special design, developed in accordance with all the rules for the organization of production facilities and meets the requirements of the fire and sanitary-epidemiological service. You need to find only the land on which the monoblock will be located. This solution will allow you to significantly reduce the time and money to bring the premises to the necessary requirements, since it will already be completely ready for use.

To establish a business for the production of sausages, you must organize a conveyor. That is, production must be automated. The following equipment is needed for the sausage shop:

1. Table for boning meat (separation of meat from bone);
2. Refrigerators;
3. Electric production meat grinder;
4. Meat grinder (cutter);
5. A special “syringe” for filling the sausage casing with minced meat;
6. Smoke generator;
7. Cooking oven;
8. Knives, axes and other tools for handmade meat.

You will greatly simplify the work of the entire workshop if you purchase a universal oven that can cook, fry, and smoke. It is better to give preference to foreign manufacturers.

Raw materials

Where to get meat? The answer to this question is actually a simple one. It will be more profitable and best for an entrepreneur to establish cooperation with farms. With them, you can agree on a price that will suit both parties. Only deal with meat certified and tested according to all requirements. The supplier must provide you with a document confirming that the meat is not infected with anything, fresh and of high quality.

Most often, beef and pork are used in the production of sausages. For the manufacture of quality sausages, sausages and boiled sausages, pair beef is used.

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