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How to open a car wash for a business with little risk? A good business in the eyes of the investor is one that is safe, on the one hand, and a high rate of return, on the other. These assumptions are perfectly consistent with car wash investments, which have been very popular in recent years.

However, the glut of the market with contactless car washes and the lack of innovation in the field of manual car washing prompted investors to seek new solutions in this segment. This is how the idea of ​​a steam car wash was created in a container – a product that is ideal for both the car wash market and for investors themselves.

The main advantages of a portable steam car wash in a container:

Independence of the place and localization – the sink can always be moved at any time of the year to any place.
50 times less water consumption.
Independence from water supply – the business is able to work in a fully autonomous mode even in the field.
Car wash in the country.
What do investors expect from investments in car wash services? The car wash market is characterized by very great potential. Despite the lack of innovation, for many years this allowed many investors who decided to open a car wash to make good money. However, as experts say, the market has reached a point where, for an effective investment in a car wash, today there is no longer enough good place for localization. The lack of innovation in the manual car wash segment has made them less and less frequently chosen by customers.

On the other hand, the self-service car wash market is experiencing an overdose associated with a large number of investments over the past ten years. Owners of contactless car washes and people who think about such investments are increasingly thinking about other solutions, since a contactless car wash is not as confident in investments as it was a few years ago. The market is saturated and drivers expect services to be at an ever higher level.

In turn, the offer of the manual car wash market is not capable of offering investors a comprehensive product and has not adapted to current trends. The answer to the objections of these investors is a steam wash in a container. These are investments that allow you to overcome the stereotype of an unattractive car wash, providing the investor with a comprehensive, profitable concept according to all criteria.

Two-post car wash.

What is a mobile steam car wash in a container? The car wash in the container is a professional manual car wash in the form of a portable design. It consists of a specially adapted sea container and two posts equipped with steam equipment and integrated into the overall structure, year-round washing. These washing stations have been designed for complete protection against weather conditions, which allows you to work in the winter months.

The container itself also has all the necessary facilities for doing business, including a waiting room for customers, a toilet and a staff area. Everything took the form of an innovative, visually appealing design.

Customer area at the sink.
What makes a mobile steam car wash a good investment? Every investment in a stationary car wash carries a huge risk associated with poor location. In the case of a steam car wash in the container, if over time it turns out that the location does not bring the expected profit or after some time the place does not end with the expected potential, there is nothing that would prevent the entire car wash from moving to another place without losing investment. This significantly reduces investment risk!

The car wash in the container is designed in a modern style, and since it is placed in a portable container in order to open it, the rented area is enough, and therefore there are no obstacles associated with a favorable investment location.

Many car wash owners complain that the business is not going well, and it would be much more profitable if you move it – literally 2 streets! They cannot do this because they have already invested in the car wash building and do not want to lose the invested funds. There are many such stories, so the SteamBOX manufacturer of turnkey car washes is ready to offer a car wash in the form of a portable design. So the idea of ​​SteamBOX was born – steam washing in a sea container. This business idea is a natural development of the range of products and services offered by Green Steam, which for 7 years has been providing innovative equipment for stationary and mobile car washes.

Owners of a stationary car wash often also pay attention to high operating costs. Because, investing in a steam car wash in a container, we do not rent a building, but only land. We can significantly reduce the operating costs associated with the rental and maintenance of the building. In addition, steam washing technology, which is an integral element of the whole concept.

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