10 secrets of Apple presentations
Apple is a brand that needs no special introduction. They achieved stunning success not only thanks to their quality products, but also their presentations. After all, it is important not…

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Products from polymer clay
Handwork (hand-made) has always been appreciated. This is a way to get something unique, creative - something that no one else has. The most common material for creating handmade products…

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10 secrets of Apple presentations
Apple is a brand that needs no special introduction. They achieved stunning success not only thanks to their quality products, but also their presentations. After all, it is important not…

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How to make money on the Internet without investments

“How to make money on the Internet without investments” – according to Yandex, over the past month such information has been searched for about 180,000 times. This is above average. It is unlikely that they will decrease: earning on the Internet does not require spending time on the road to an office or factory. It opens up prospects regardless of whether you live in a million-plus city or alone on a farm.

In order not to be unfounded and not to write clickbait headlines that in a month you will leave to live in Bali and earn “one hundred thousand milen”, I will tell and show with examples. How can I make money on the Internet? What needs to be done for this? How much time will you spend and how much money will you receive?

A marathon where you will create passive income live from scratch and find out specific strategies for investing in apartments, houses, garages, cars and even profitable sites
To begin
Method 1. Performance of tasks in axle boxes

Buchs is an advertising system that takes money from the customer for the opportunity to advertise, and pays the potential customer for views and clicks on this advertisement.

On the axle boxes there are additional opportunities to earn extra money: sending letters, posting, downloading files from certain links. This is not a way that you can save up for a car, it is a way that will provide you coffee and chocolate.

There are 2 types of task verification: automatic and manual. During an automatic check, a report is presented with some kind of code word, which is provided to you when executed correctly.

In manual verification, the report is verified personally by the advertiser. A manual check of the task will take up to 7 days (the duration may vary depending on the axle box). If the task is not completed to the end or the report is incorrectly executed, the task is sent for revision indicating the reason for the revision. For one day.

Method 2. Comments on the order
To increase activity and communication on the sites there was a need for interesting comments. There were customers willing to pay for additional activity caused by interesting comments.

If your opinion in the comment does not coincide with the opinion of the author, this is not bad. Rather, even the opposite. The hottest controversy of countless participants is born after comments with a diametrically opposite opinion of the author saying.

Search for customers is on freelance exchanges and thematic groups of social networks.

Method 3. Earnings on reviews

They pay both for the reviews left and for the views. You can combine!

The customer gives a link to the product / service, under which you need to leave a review. You can write your real opinion if you have already purchased such a product / service. If you haven’t purchased it, then before recalling it is better to familiarize yourself with what you write about!

Payment depends on the size and uniqueness of the text if you write it. Viewing is considered only after 15 seconds of reading the review, so take your time.

How to make money on the Internet without investments
Customers for this method are looking for artists on exchanges and in specialized chat rooms.

Method 4. Earnings on polls
Large companies are willing to pay for your opinion. So you help them attract more customers, improve the quality of goods and diversify them, adapt the offer to demand. Surveys can be conducted in the form of interviews or questionnaires.

The customer may ask you to call him on Skype to ask a couple of questions or ask you to test their site.

Method 5. Earnings on watching videos

According to studies, 78% of Internet users watch videos on a weekly basis, and 55% do it every day. And if YouTube were a country, it would take the 3rd place in terms of population after China and India!) More than 62 million users watch YouTube videos every month.

Paying to watch regular commercials is how you increase their popularity.

How to make money on the Internet without investments
Method 6. Earnings on mobile applications
For the first quarter of 2019, the total revenue of mobile applications around the world amounted to $ 14.7 billion! You have the opportunity to earn money in this area in two ways: create your own application and receive money for downloading it or go through paid tasks in other people’s applications.

Method 7. Earning money on games

There is now such a profession – to test the game. That is, the customer gives you a game, you go through it and create a resume for developers. Where there are failures, where are the flaws.

Suitable for you if you are not indifferent to the world of gaming. Look for orders on themed sites.

Method 8. Earnings on the recognition of captcha
CAPTCHA is a computer test for recognizing a person. Exactly that window with not always clear symbols. Captcha is also paid for solving.

Customers are looking for volunteers on copywriter platforms.

Method 9. Earnings on teaser advertising
A catchy picture and an intriguing headline – this is a teaser advertisement! Its purpose is to make the user click on the link.

How to make money on the Internet without investments
You can earn money by developing visuals and signatures or by placing ads themselves through teaser programs on websites.

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