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Candle factory as a business

Candle making is a surprisingly profitable business. The profitability of such a business is about 250%, and in some cases can reach several thousand percent! The largest part of the profits comes, of course, from the manufacturer, not from resellers or sellers. This product is in demand: people collect decorative candles or simply decorate them at home, in addition, they perfectly fulfill their role as souvenirs.

The production of candles can be organized at home, which significantly reduces the starting costs of a business. One person can handle the manufacture of such products. Of course, if you do everything yourself, then you will not be able to earn much, but this small business can serve as an excellent additional income to the main one. The manufacturing process can entice you so much that it will become your hobby. And what could be more pleasant than a hobby, from which, in addition to the pleasure of doing what you love, material benefits are also derived?

A marathon where you will create passive income live from scratch and find out specific strategies for investing in apartments, houses, garages, cars and even profitable sites
To begin
Starting costs

If you have not previously engaged in the independent production of candles and are just starting this activity, then the first few batches you will likely get defective. This is not scary, because you are just learning, and in the future, you will get competitive products that you can safely put up for sale.

Candle factory as a business
If you are already a pro in this matter, then for the purchase of raw materials for the first batch of goods you will need only about 120 dollars. If you assume that the first batch will be “trial” and will not go on sale, then for the purchase of raw materials, prepare about 200-250 dollars.

Possible profit
How much you earn from making candles will depend not only on your ability to make them, but also on the talent to promote and advertise your products. If you can negotiate with 5 different points of sale and supply them regularly, then your profit can reach $ 1000-1200 every month. The cost of manufacturing one candle is low, but the retail price per unit of finished product increases by 2-3 times.


It does not matter where you decide to organize the production – in your garage or in a separate room for this – you need to take into account several points. Firstly, the size of the production room should be at least 10-15 square meters. It will be necessary to install a machine for casting, to allocate space for convenient storage of finished products (decorative candles cannot be dumped into one pile, so they can easily break and lose their presentation).

Secondly, the room should have exhaust and ventilation. The air temperature should be low enough so that the products do not begin to melt. The cleanliness of the room also plays an important role. If the assortment of your products contains candles for decorating cakes and other confectionery, then they should be made in clean conditions.

Brief manufacturing technology
Before starting production, you need to purchase a variety of molds for casting candles. Among them should be both simple shapes (cylindrical, square, round), and more complex. They are needed for the manufacture of products in the form of fruits, animals, flowers. Molds should be made of materials that can withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees. Usually, paraffin is used to make decorative candles, and wax is used for household candles.

Paraffin or wax must be melted, but this must not be done on direct fire. Use a water bath. The material should melt slowly, otherwise it may burn and evaporate. Then it must be poured into a mold in which the wick must first be fixed right in the center. After the form is cooled together with the contents (it is best to do this within 24 hours). Carefully remove the frozen paraffin or wax from the mold – the candle is ready.

Candle factory as a business
Simple household candles can be made on a special machine for casting – so you will significantly speed up the production process. You have to tinker with decorative curly products – they are cast manually.

Raw materials for manufacturing:
Paraffin or wax.
Wicks (cotton).
Pigments for creating colored candles (oil-based dyes are suitable).
Flavors (essential oils).
Decorative elements (sparkles, beads, ribbons, dried flowers).
Metal sleeves for making candles for aroma lamps.
Sales of goods
If you are concerned about the question “And to whom can I sell my candles?”, Then you need not worry. There are several options. Firstly, you can establish contact with various souvenir shops and hardware stores. Souvenir shops will gladly accept decorative products for sale

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