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Chipboard based paintings

Business idea submitted by our reader.
Very often, to start a business, you need to come up with something that will distinguish you from other market players that will set you apart from the rest.

For quite some time I worked as a manager of the continuing education department at one of the Kaliningrad production enterprises. Despite the fact that the work was quite interesting and well paid, I wanted to start some kind of my own business. In 2009, it was just such an opportunity that turned up for me – because of the crisis, our company was closed, and all personnel were fired. This was a strong impetus for starting your own business.

As I already mentioned, I live in the Kaliningrad region, which is a tourist region, so I began to look towards business with a tourist bias. In our region, a large number of entrepreneurs are engaged in amber souvenir products. I also decided to try myself in this direction. A batch of souvenirs was purchased, a point of sale was opened in one of the resort towns. But this business was doomed to become unsuccessful, since everyone was purchased from the same suppliers, and the products did not shine with variety. Business is very fast freezing. It was decided – you need to come up with something of your own that will fundamentally differ from commonplace magnets and key rings.

I am a thoroughbred entrepreneur and I have absolutely no artistic skills, so I tried to find a production that would be primarily simple and low-cost. The choice fell on souvenir paintings. I wanted the image to be inside the base, and the frame and the picture were one. A lot of materials and processing options were tried, but in the end, exactly what I achieved was something special. The products were very unusual and interesting, which caught the eye. I decided on the manufacturing technique and product options – stylized in stone, vintage and gold (currently there are already 5 types of products).

A marathon where you will create passive income live from scratch and find out specific strategies for investing in apartments, houses, garages, cars and even profitable sites
To begin
What is needed for making paintings?

It took me very little to start:

A computer.
A simple 4-color inkjet printer.
Place for processing (garage is quite suitable).
PVA glue (thanks to those who invented it!).
For work, I use paintings by popular artists and stylish pictures in the Japanese style (by the way, not so long ago I immediately sold 30 such paintings to a Japanese restaurant), sea views, photos of the region’s attractions. Regarding photographs, I work with local photographers who work at events and offer my services (certainly not for free).

You also need to establish a sale. I organized it at several points:

2 points in resort towns.
2 points in gift departments in supermarkets
In 15 souvenir shops of Kaliningrad.
What are chipboard-based paintings like?
This is a monolithic picture, which is embedded deep into the base with chopped edges, stylized in different styles (gold, stone, vintage, ivory). The most popular product sizes are 16 × 21cm and 26 × 34cm.

Manufacturing costs
Chopped chipboard 16X21 (I order from furniture makers) – 10 rubles. PCS.
Photo paper, or business paper (business card cheaper and more interesting) – 8 rubles. A4 (1/2 sheet – 4 rubles)
Photo printing pictures (ink consumption) – 1 rub.
Glue PVA (1 bucket is enough for 50 paintings) – 1.6 rubles. PCS.
Sandpaper – 2 rubles. (on 1 picture)
Compounds for wood processing (water-based) – 4.6 rubles. PCS.
TOTAL: 23.2 RUB / pcs. 16X21 format in vintage style
If stylized as gold or a stone coating, then the cost increases by another 2-5 rubles. PCS.
Moreover, all materials are available in any hardware store, so it will not be difficult to establish production.

Profit from the sale

We sell pictures for 200-220 rubles. (the average price in the store is 300 rubles)
About 300 images are sold per month on average.
Net income from one sold picture 180 rubles. (including production costs, transportation costs and taxes).
It’s not difficult to calculate profits. If you take the average of several months, the net income is from 55,000 rubles.

It is surprising that the main buyers are not only tourists, but also local residents who want to equip their apartment or institution.

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