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How to open a go-kart club: business recommendations

Active sports have always been and will remain popular entertainment. And for entrepreneurs, they are also a great way to earn money. Active sports always include some kind of extreme sports. This is something that many of us lack to dilute our ordinary everyday lives and bring a little variety and new emotions into them. And others simply live in extreme sports, and cannot imagine their life without it. If you are attracted to such a business, then opening your own go-kart club is obviously a winning option.

Karting is a type of car racing that takes place on karts (small racing cars without a body). The racetrack is called a karting track. Maps can accelerate to 260 kilometers per hour, however, this sport is considered relatively safe, as statistically injuries are very rare. To participate in the karting race, you do not need to have any special knowledge or skills – everyone who wants can participate. At the very beginning, briefing and safety rules will be read. Driving license is not needed.

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To begin
Format selection

First, think about the format of the future club, based on your desires and budget. You can open a karting club in one of three formats: elite, medium format and economy class. The first format, as a rule, is organized indoors, the second and third – in an open area. The amount of investments that you need to invest in a business depends on which format you choose. But this does not mean that an elite club is guaranteed to bring you more profit than a middle or economy class complex. Here everything will depend on the demand for such services in your city, and on how you know how to attract customers and work with them.

The most popular version of the go-kart club is an open paved area and about 5-10 karts. Opening a business in this format is financially profitable and attractive for customers.
Having the opportunity to invest large sums allows you to open a karting club premium. However, understand that then your target audience will be limited only to high-income customers, and the payback period of a business can be a period of up to 6-9 years. Such centers are usually opened by kart fans themselves, who have long cherished the dream of creating their own club. Economy karting will be available to a wider circle. And the quality of such services will also be below average.

Business Registration
In terms of state registration of business in karting, there should not be any problems. Everything goes according to the standard, established registration scheme of an individual entrepreneur. You can register your business as a limited liability company, however, it is recommended to do this only if necessary. Otherwise, why complicate yourself and registration, and payment of taxes, and the introduction of the business as a whole?


The selection of places for the route is one of the most difficult and critical stages. The track must be of a suitable size and possess all the characteristics for organizing safe races on it. And at the same time, it should be where it will be convenient for your future customers to get there. You are very lucky if you find a ready-made paved area suitable for karting and rent it. Otherwise, you will need to find at least a suitable plot of land, and turn it into a highway yourself. This, of course, will entail considerable expenses.
The minimum size of a go-kart track is 300 meters in length, however, even it will be considered rather short. If you have the opportunity to equip a larger track, use it. Firstly, you can simultaneously race more cars. Secondly, a large highway will cause vivid emotions for your customers. The ideal length of a kartodrom is about 700 meters. And sports tracks have a length of at least 900 meters. An open karting track can be located both in the city itself (for example, in an industrial area), and behind it, but it is advisable immediately beyond its line so that customers do not spend a lot of time on the road. There should be public transportation to your go-kart club.

The karting track should have straight sections for accelerating cars, the right corners of turns, descents, ascents. Before starting the construction of the kartodrom, you need to create its 3D model in a special computer program.

Pay special attention to the coverage of the track – it must be very high quality, even in the case of the opening of an inexpensive go-kart club.

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