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Parking opening business plan

When it comes to big cities, the problem of the lack of parking lots will probably always be relevant. Even if it seems that parking in the city is more than enough, still many drivers sometimes encounter the problem of finding a reliable place to park their car. Not everyone risks leaving a car just near the house at night – far from doing it is quite dangerous (unless, of course, your car is dear to you).

In this regard, the conclusion suggests itself: parking as a business is a very good investment. Such a business has considerable prospects for development, because the number of cars in cities is likely to only increase, not decrease. To familiarize you with this type of business a little closer, consider the following: how to open a parking lot for cars from scratch; what is required for this; and what kind of business plan can be taken as an example for drawing up your own.

We have found for you a successful example of a business plan for a car park that was once created in the city of Kaluga. This business plan contains all the basic information that is necessary for conducting this activity, as well as an investment and operational plan with detailed calculations. Download the parking plan business plan.

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To begin
How to open a car park

Experts in this field give advice on how to solve the basic organizational issues for starting a business in a car park and requirements for it.

Land lease
The issue of renting a plot of land, which will be used as a parking lot, can be solved with the municipal authorities of your city. At the initial stage, an area of ​​approximately 300-550 square meters will be required. Later, if desired and possible, it will make sense to expand it. Choose an urban area whose residents you are planning to provide with parking spaces, and then look for a suitable parking area. It is good if it is close to residential buildings, because car owners are unlikely to be happy with the prospect of walking long after leaving the car in the parking lot.

Explore the selected area and the presence of competitors, that is, other existing parking lots. The ideal situation is if there will be no competition at all (as a last resort, if it is a small parking lot that cannot fully cover the needs of residents in parking spaces).


It must be clarified right away that the collection and execution of the necessary papers in such a case is a rather dreary process, but without this in any way. So we advise you to have patience and start activities on the preparation and coordination of all papers. Firstly, it is necessary to conclude a lease agreement confirming your right to use the area for your own purposes.

The most important document that you will need is the design of your parking lot. Qualitatively, it will be made to order by design organizations. Further, the project must go through the approval procedure in state bodies, one of which is the land committee. If you plan to build facilities, then the first step is to study the rules and regulations governing this activity (including the requirements of Consumer Supervision, fire and sanitary inspections).

Well, of course, in order to conduct business, you need to register yourself as a legal entity (LLC) or an individual entrepreneur.

Open Car Park Requirements
Car parking should be fenced with a reliable fence. A security booth is needed, and you need to place it in a convenient place for observation. Do not forget about installing CCTV cameras – this is an important moment in the organization of the parking lot. Cameras allow you to monitor how your employees serve customers. You can use the information recorded on the video to resolve conflicts that may arise between your customers and employees.

The parking lot should have a barrier at the entrance (usually a security post is also installed next to it). The most stringent requirement for parking lots is a special asphalt coating that prevents the absorption of petroleum products. For neglecting this norm, get a rather big fine. The necessary communications must be present, including good lighting of the entire parking area.

It is impossible to overload the parking lot with cars – there must always be a certain distance between them, which is also indicated by the norms.

Parking opening business plan

The activities of the parking lot do not require a large team – you need several guards. Their number will depend on the size of the parking area. Try to pick up guards responsible and without bad habits.

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