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Pasta production

Macaroni is perhaps the most familiar product on the table in almost every family. This is due to the fact that pasta is inexpensive, and even the poorest segments of the population can afford them. And with certain culinary skills, this product can be cooked really tasty.

Now, when our society is not going through the best financial times, many are trying to save on expensive products, preferring budget ones. And here again, pasta comes to the fore. How to open your pasta production – more on this later.

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To begin
Industry research

Macaroni is now sold in almost any grocery store, whether it be a large supermarket or a stall near the subway. Nevertheless, it is impossible to say that the market is oversaturated with pasta. As a rule, the products of each manufacturer find their buyer. Actively bought and expensive pasta, and cheap budget. In order not to be left out of demand, it is necessary to correctly maintain the balance of price-quality. People who buy the cheapest pasta do not expect high quality from them. And those who pay a high price for goods want to get high-quality products.

To have the maximum financial return on business, rely on products of the middle and lower class. Macaroni at an average price and with average quality, as a rule, is bought by consumers most often – about 60% of buyers prefer them. Budget category pasta occupy about 30% of the market. Elite pasta of the highest quality have a price of three, or even four times higher than other types of these products. As a rule, such goods are imported from abroad. To produce luxury pasta in large quantities is not very profitable, since people who have the opportunity and want to pay a high price for such a product are more likely to prefer foreign brands than domestic ones.

How to organize the production of pasta
Register an enterprise

Making a pasta enterprise is best as an LLC. When submitting documentation, you will need to indicate the type of activity according to the OKVED system (general classifier of types of economic activity). We indicate “Production of food products, including drinks,” and then the subsection “Production of pasta.”

To start production, you will also need permits from the sanitary-epidemiological, fire and environmental services, as well as sanitary books for each employee.

We select a room
Such a business will require a fairly spacious room – from 300 square meters. Moreover, about 200 of them will be used directly for production, and 100 for the placement of warehouses and utility rooms. Also give some room for the office of managers and managers. The room can be located anywhere, even on the outskirts of the city, although in general outside the city. This will allow you to save on the cost of renting a room. However, make sure that the plant has easy access for vehicles. You will need to deliver raw materials and export finished products.

The room should be dry enough. Any dampness can significantly reduce the quality of manufactured products – pasta is very sensitive to humidity. There should not be any extraneous odors either, otherwise the products will absorb them, which also will not add quality to it, but only reduce it.

We study production technology

The steps for making pasta are as follows:

1. Preparation of raw materials. For the preparation of pasta, premium flour from durum wheat is used. Flour must be thoroughly cleaned. This is done using a magnet, which extracts various metal impurities. Refined flour is heat treated (heated to a temperature of at least 10 ° C and no more than 15 ° C) and mixed with warm water in a ratio of 2: 1.

2. Kneading the dough. Next, flour and water are kneaded using special equipment (dough mixes). If you use any additives (dyes, egg yolk, flavorings, flavor enhancers), then they are also added to the dough at this stage.

3. Pressing. Next, the dough must undergo a pressing procedure, so that the mass is compacted. The dough should become homogeneous and very plastic. To get pasta of various shapes (shells, straws, curls, horns, spaghetti), the dough must be passed through the appropriate molding equipment. The dough is pressed through holes in the matrix, as a result of which we get pasta tapes.

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