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Mini bakery business plan

Baking is a popular product that is in demand at any time of the year by consumers of different ages, professions and financial situation. Therefore, a mini-bakery can be interesting as a business, moreover, profitable and stable.

If you are attracted to the bakery business as a whole, then perhaps you will be interested in the idea of ​​opening a large bakery. If the volume of your investments is limited, or you are interested in the concept of a small enterprise, then opening a mini-bakery is more suitable for you, which will be discussed later.

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To begin
Download mini bakery business plan

Check out a few ready-made mini bakery business plans:

1. The business plan of a mini-bakery with a payback period of 5 months. Download mini bakery business plan
2. The business plan of the mini-bakery “Pyshka” with the production and financial plan. Download the business plan of the mini-bakery Pyshka
3. The business plan of a mini-bakery with a detailed description of the organization of work. Download mini bakery business plan
4. The business plan of a mini-bakery from a fairly detailed course work with financial calculations. Download the business plan of a mini-bakery with calculations

How to open a mini-bakery
A mini-bakery can exist both separately and as part of shopping centers or hypermarkets. Some entrepreneurs who have opened a mini-bakery prefer to sell their products through mobile points of sale (these can be small vans or car trailers).

Business Registration

For the registration of a mini-bakery, the form of individual entrepreneurship is best suited. In some cases, it would be more expedient to register a limited liability company right away, especially if you plan to expand your business in the near future or start a company not alone, but together with your partner (s). When filling out the registration forms, you will need to enter the activity codes that you are going to engage in.

Please note: if you plan to sell products in the same place where you will produce them, then you should indicate the code “Activities of restaurants and cafes.” As an additional activity, indicate the code “Retail”.

Location and size of the room
When choosing the location of a future bakery, it is worth considering the fact whether pastries will be sold in the bakery itself. If you arrange production in such a way that freshly baked products will be delivered to other points where they will be sold to the final consumer, then the choice of the location of the bakery should be based, first of all, on the possibility of quick and trouble-free delivery of baked goods.

And if you will sell pastries in the bakery, it is important to find a place characterized by high traffic of people. The city center, places near recreation parks, shopping centers, office centers are ideal. When you have decided on the area, it is worth talking with its owners about the prospect of buying the premises, of course, if you plan to do this business seriously and for a long time.

With regard to rental prices, it is difficult to determine specific figures, since prices in different cities and even areas can vary significantly. For example, in Moscow, the cost of renting a room for a mini-bakery will be about 8 to 30 dollars per square meter.

In order to place all the equipment for baking and organize a small hall for sale, it will take up to 140 square meters. There are also very small bakeries (for that they are “mini”), which cost much less.

The sanitary and epidemiological station and the fire inspectorate will put forward standard requirements for the room: the mandatory presence of a ventilation system, sewage, utility rooms, a bathroom, whitewashed ceilings.

Raw material purchase

In this business, it is important to establish contacts with suppliers who will ensure high quality raw materials and deliver them to you on time. However, keep in mind that each food product tends to deteriorate, so buying raw materials in huge quantities will not work. You simply do not have time to make pastries from it and sell it before the raw materials are already unusable. The first batch of raw materials is recommended to be purchased immediately before the start of the mini-bakery.

The main raw material is flour, and if you want to achieve high quality finished products, use only premium flour. You will also need yeast, vegetable oil, regular and vanilla sugar, salt, disintegrants and thickeners.

Your product should be interesting to the consumer for its variety, so use all kinds of additives to decorate and to give special taste to the product.

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