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The industrial business idea of ​​launching a mini-plant for the production of crumb rubber by processing tires tires attracts an excellent ratio of large volume of cash turnover and short payback periods. And most importantly, recycling is the production of money from garbage. Your attention is invited to a business plan for the production of rubber crumb with calculations and analysis of opportunities. For example, you should pay attention to the additional income from the extraction of metal from tire cords, in which it is already 7%. What other useful secrets this production keeps, we will consider in more detail.

Shredder for tires.
How to correctly calculate the pace and volume of production of crumb rubber from recycled car tires? The answer to this question is not so simple. The production of crumb rubber depends on many nuances. There are two key factors that underlie the attractiveness of this activity from the point of view of investment. They will help to answer this question.

Factor # 1: Threshold of Entry into Industrial Small Business
Available raw materials for production.
First of all, you should correctly assess your financial reserves that you own (your own savings and possible loans). It is worth noting that this type of industry is possible with different volumes of investment, which means that such a business scales well. With small investments in the initial phase, income can be minimal, taking into account regular electricity costs, transportation costs, employee salaries, taxes, etc. It is worth noting here that this concept of a business idea underlies the processing of waste (used car tires). And according to tradition, in order to get gold from garbage, you need to perform a large amount of work. Therefore, too small investments significantly increase the risks. You can start production on a large scale through the construction of a profile enterprise with large areas, for example, several hundred square meters, which will be worth a large investment. Make the best investment strategy in favor of the middle ground between these boundaries.

Factor # 2: Production Capacity for Small Business
The quality of the rubber crumb.
In case you have about $ 17,000 in money, the question of choice should not be an obstacle. For this money, you can buy a production line for processing tires for crumbs with a minimum configuration and productivity – 100 kg / h. In this case, the most important will be the search and rental of a warehouse with an area of ​​about 100 m2 and a production room whose area should be an average of 40 m2, plus a few more small storage rooms. In this case, the production of crumb from rubber can begin from a production volume of 800 kilograms of the finished product daily (100kg / hour in a 1-shift shift).

Tire recycling line.
The minimum complete line for processing tires into rubber crumb includes the following equipment, which can be found on the Internet at prices:

Side cutting machine – $ 2,150
Band cutting machine – $ 2,700
Shredder for grinding rubber – $ 7,650
Circular sieve – $ 1,000
Conveyor with magnetic separator – $ 1,000
The machine for processing on-board rings – $ 2,500
TOTAL: $ 17,000

Preparing the tire for recycling.
Technology for the production of rubber crumb by processing tires
A video clip showing a technological process for processing tires by grinding into rubber crumbs schematically in the form of 3D animation:

If you decide to conduct this activity at a more serious level, an analysis of the sales market in the region where you are going to launch your project will benecessary. Without this  work, it is unlikely that the product would bring a profitable income. You will have to include in the business plan the costs of marketing research of the sales market for finished products in a particular region.

What is the need for this product and in which distribution channels can it be implemented? Who else is interested in this industry and what is the competition in the market?

The answers to these questions need to be taken into account and, obviously, to calculate the possibilities for the development of economic activity over the next few years. It is unlikely to accurately foresee the subsequent course of events, but rough calculations will indicate at least the direction in which to move. Such determination is better than blind action.

Finished product processing.
In the manufacture of crumb rubber, used, old, defective car tires were used. For obvious reasons, you should not even talk about the search for raw materials and its price. Old tires can be found in large quantities. You can buy them at the minimum payment, and sometimes get paid to pay for delivery to your company.

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