A detailed business plan with calculations will allow you to establish a successful production of fuel briquettes from renewable resources such as straw. Take your share in the energy sector,…

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Fruit and vegetable carving business
In cooking, carving is the artistic carving of fruits and vegetables. These products, on which beautiful patterns or even whole figures are carved, will be an excellent decoration on the…

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Sausage production as a business
Do you want to go into the sausage business, but there are no funds to open a meat factory? You can open a small sausage shop and produce sausage, which…

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Fruit and vegetable carving business

In cooking, carving is the artistic carving of fruits and vegetables. These products, on which beautiful patterns or even whole figures are carved, will be an excellent decoration on the table for any occasion. And for those people who have not seen this before, they can cause delight! If you are a creative person, then why not start earning on carving fruits and vegetables?

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To begin
A bit of history

This art takes its roots in East Asia. The most common legend about the appearance of carving of fruits and vegetables is told about a girl named Nang Noppamar, who made a floating lamp for the 14th century Sukhatai Royal Festival. From above, she planted several figures carved from fruits and vegetables. The ruler really liked this, he announced that every woman in the kingdom should possess such a skill. So this art began to spread throughout Asia and the world.

Fruit and vegetable carving business
Now carving is creativity, a way to make money. Among professionals, contests and championships are even held. And carving studios in big cities are becoming more and more, as the demand for them is only growing.

How to make money on carving fruits and vegetables
This type of earnings does not require large investments, therefore, suitable for all people of any material condition. All you have to have is the ability to think creatively, the desire to learn, and hands from the “right” place. This craft requires scrupulousness, accuracy, because it is almost jewelry work.

Where to learn carving

If you want to professionally engage in this business, then you can immediately go to carving courses. In every major city you can find such, as the direction is popular. But you can start differently. On the Internet there are a huge number of video courses, training videos from professionals and amateurs. By repeating elements from such videos, you can check whether you have the ability to this type of art. Understand if you like it. We recommend not to go far, but go to Youtube and enter “carving for beginners” in the search bar. Do not try to make complex elements right away.

Start with the simplest – cut simple flowers, leaves, and other decorative elements. Here are some videos to help you get started in this art form:

But this is already a more complicated job – a swan from an apple:

It is easiest to work with vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, radishes, zucchini, pumpkin, beets. Of the fruits – apples, pears, kiwi, bananas, pineapples, plums, watermelons, melon, oranges, lemons, grapefruits. The main thing is that the products are strong and solid. From very soft fruits and vegetables, you cannot cut neat elements, and your composition will simply “blur”. Of course, the products should be fresh, high-quality, without defects in the form of scuffs and rottenness.

Do not forget about the right combination of products. Decorations of carrots, potatoes, cucumbers are perfect for meat dishes. Seafood is well decorated with lemons. And fruits are wonderful “friends” for desserts and cakes. After all, your customers will want not only to enjoy the beautiful view of dishes, but also to eat your creations. Therefore, they should be tasty.

Necessary tools
The following tools are used in carving:

knives of different widths, sizes;
Thai knife
sharp thin scissors;
vegetable peelers and vegetable cutters;
different size spoons;
Professional tools are purchased in sets. But this is not necessary, you can build your own set of tools that you will be comfortable working with. The only thing you can’t do without is a Thai knife. This is a special cutting knife with a thin tip. Noisette spoons allow you to cut perfectly even balls of fruits and vegetables, which can be useful for decorating your compositions. Toothpicks fasten individual elements where necessary. And with thin scissors you can cut a neat openwork edge.

You can also buy everything in specialized online stores or in ordinary stores.

Where to look for customers

Who should sell their works of art? There are several options:

Organizers of weddings and other celebrations. People who turn to event agencies and private organizers want the celebration to be organized without their participation. Therefore, you need to contact the organizers themselves. You can make a list of such people in your city and do a newsletter with information about you and your services. Do not immediately put a high price, otherwise preference will be given to others.
People who are preparing for a personal holiday.

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