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Business in aquarium fish and plants

A business idea is promising for an entrepreneur. It can be started with minimal investment. There is no competition in this niche yet.

Aquarium fish and plants can be bred at home and specialized equipment is not required.

A marathon where you will create passive income live from scratch and find out specific strategies for investing in apartments, houses, garages, cars and even profitable sites
To begin
Breeding aquarium fish as a business

You may be tempted to start breeding only those fish that breed quickly. They are cheap. A breeder can quickly start selling. But the downside is that the product is not special and the price for the buyer is low, so you will not be able to profit from them.

Business in aquarium fish and plants
Common breeds of fish for breeding as a business are cichlids, barbs, goldfish, synodontis, notopter fish. Goldfish and cichlids have a high ability to reproduce, notopter and synodontis – medium, barbs – low. Unpretentious and easy to breed fish – guppies, betts, gourami. But each species has features. For example, in one aquarium there should not be more than one male betta.

Imported fish from India, Australia, Asia do not breed well. Consider this moment. When breeding exotic species, it is necessary to study their features before purchase. Improper care can lead to illness or death of the fish, and since they are expensive, you can lose your money.

As an initial batch of fish, buy 20-30 fry. Just buy them in reliable specialized stores.

If you have the opportunity to freely cross customs (you have an uncle, a classmate or other person loyal to you), then go for fish to their home countries. Aquarium fish from Germany are considered good. But if you don’t have any connections at customs, then it’s better not to even try, since transporting large quantities of fish entails problems or, at least, a delay at the border. And fish are living things, you need to monitor them and feed them on time, so they won’t wait until you figure out the problems. In addition, they do not tolerate transportation well, and there is a risk that you will not bring a single fish to the final consumer.

How to feed the fish?
First, it’s better to underfeed the fish than to overfeed. Among the aquarists, the following expression is known: “Hungry fish – live fish.” Overfeeding fish will lead to obesity and disruption of the internal organs. If in the wild the fish can fix this by increased physical activity, then in the aquarium it does not have such an opportunity. Adult fish need to eat 5% of its own weight per day! Some species of fish need to be fed 1-2 times a day in small portions, others need only one serving of food every two days. According to statistics, they die more often from overfeeding.

Second – feed the fish in a variety of ways. Do not limit yourself to just one type of feed. You do not feed your cat only sausages? So the fish arrange a varied feeding, then they will be healthy and grow quickly. Keep in mind that each species of fish may love a different food. For example, catfish will be happy to eat the top layer of wood on driftwood, in addition to regular feed.

Which equipment to choose?

For business, universal aquariums in the amount of 10-12 pieces are suitable. For breeding fish, a volume of 200-250 liters each will be required.

Related aquarium equipment needed:

temperature regulators;
automatic feeder;
If we take 12 aquariums as an example, then place the fish in them as follows: five aquariums for adults, seven for fry. In “adult” aquariums, it is necessary to observe the optimal ratio of males and females – approximately 2: 6.

How to equip a room?
Aquarium fish for sale can be bred in an ordinary city apartment. Therefore, it will not be necessary to spend money on renting a special room. But when arranging a room in which aquariums with fish will be located, one must observe:

Lighting in the room. Bright sun light is necessary for some species of fish; it can simply kill others.
Temperature condition. Aquariums should be placed away from heating batteries.
To obtain tangible profits from breeding aquarium fish, at least 2 tons of water will be required. And if aquariums with water of this weight are put on a weak floor, then it may not withstand the load.

No need to place aquariums on top of each other. Doing this is not worth it for two reasons.

First – it will be difficult for you to maintain aquariums – clean them, feed fish, change equipment.

The second reason is more serious. If you will breed fish in an apartment building, and still do not live on the ground floor.

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