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Sturgeon breeding at home

The breeding of aquarium inhabitants at home is not surprising for anyone, but with large commercial fish it is becoming more difficult. Moreover, in an apartment or private house. This is real! Just imagine what you yourself can do so that on the people’s tables there appears a high-quality tasty black caviar, which is very highly valued in any society and has long been a symbol of wealth.

Sturgeon fish are valuable caviar and meat. And some sources say that it’s very useful. There is always a high demand for both, so breeding sturgeon will be a very good idea for business. Growing sturgeon at home for many people is an interesting process that does not require large cash costs. Sturgeon is not fastidious in nutrition, and in order to create suitable conditions for its reproduction and cultivation, it will not require any complicated scientific knowledge.

A marathon where you will create passive income live from scratch and find out specific strategies for investing in apartments, houses, garages, cars and even profitable sites
To begin
Business benefits

Sturgeon, beluga, and sterlet also belong to the sturgeon family. Breeding sturgeon is not at all complicated, and this process is possible even in an apartment, which attracts entrepreneurs.

Sturgeon meat and caviar is an expensive and valuable product on the market. Demand will be provided.
Sturgeon is not picky about breeding conditions; it easily tolerates changes in temperature conditions.
To ensure proper nutrition of the sturgeon, neither large expenses nor special skills are required.
To start this business, you need a very small start-up capital.
Sturgeon breeding at home
You can start breeding sturgeon in an apartment or in a country house. The quality of the final product will not suffer from this, if everything is done correctly. It will require a spacious free area of ​​approximately 30 square meters.
The room should be heated, especially in winter. In winter, so that the sturgeon can grow, it needs an aquatic environment with a temperature of about 17 ° C, in warm weather – from 20 to 24 ° C. If you did not find another suitable room, then a polycarbonate greenhouse will be suitable, in which a pool will be equipped.

Fish breeding equipment

It can be bought from suppliers, and it costs from 10 thousand dollars. Equipment that is completely ready for work will be brought to you, and it will be installed in an apartment or house.

However, you can go the other way. The sturgeon will perfectly inhabit and breed in a non-specialized container that can be made with your own hands. A small plastic pool with a depth of about 1 m and a diameter of about 2-3 m is suitable. Of course, you can use larger pools, if the area allows. In a small pool, you can grow about one ton of sturgeon per year, and you can do everything yourself without hiring employees and without spending additional funds on their salaries.

The pool must have compressors, filters and aeration. You will need a pump, since the pool will need to be cleaned periodically. An automatic feeder helps, but you can do without it. Using it, you will free yourself a lot of extra time, but it does not cost a penny. Many entrepreneurs feed fish manually.

When choosing a compressor and pump, look for one that, while working, does not squeeze the maximum out of itself. Calculate what power you need, and take the equipment that works with a small margin. Otherwise, the equipment will wear out very quickly and you will need to replace it.

If you have sufficient knowledge, hands from the “right place” and free time, then you can make a pool yourself. So you will save a lot of money (the cost of independent production of the pool is 2-3 times less than the price of the same purchased). To start, one small pool is enough, over time it can be expanded or several more of the same can be made.

Buying fry
There are fish farms that breed different types of fish. You need to find one that breeds exactly sturgeon, and purchase from them a batch of fry. We recommend that you do not buy the first ones, but consider different options.

Ask the experts how to choose fry for breeding, and how to distinguish good fish from poor quality fish. It is better to approach the purchase of fry seriously. Low-quality fry will grow very slowly and may hurt, but you do not need it at all.

Sturgeon breeding at home
How to choose a feed

This must also be done carefully. There are a number of features in this issue. Firstly, the sturgeon eats from the bottom, so he needs food that will sink in the water. Sturgeons have a developed sense of smell, and they are guided by it when they are looking for food. The food should have a pleasant smell for the fish.

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