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Breeding snails as a business

Breeding grape snails at home is a profitable business that few people know about. More precisely, few people come up with exactly this idea when they begin to search for a way to make money. And very in vain. Breeding these mollusks is a great business that can bring you pleasure and a good income. Our gastropods are exotic. But in many countries of Europe (France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland) this product is familiar.

Why are snails so expensive? Their meat is very healthy – it does not contain cholesterol, fats and other harmful substances. It is ideal for those who care about their figure and monitor their health. Taste is a subjective matter. Many people like the taste of shellfish. And those who were not enthusiastic about this product recognize that gastropods are a very exotic delicacy, and it’s worth trying it at least once in your life. If you have never eaten these mollusks in your life, you probably already wanted to try them!

Some time ago it was difficult to imagine that snails can be consumed in the CIS countries. But now, with the development of the culinary sphere, they are no longer perceived as something terrible and strange to eat as food. These mollusks are served in good restaurants; they can be seen on sale on supermarket shelves. It is impossible to say that the demand for these products is huge. But as for exotic meat, this product feels very good in the market.

A marathon where you will create passive income live from scratch and find out specific strategies for investing in apartments, houses, garages, cars and even profitable sites
To begin
Breeding grape snails

Although this business is home-based, one cannot do without registering activities with state bodies. You need to register as an individual entrepreneur and, when filling out documents, indicate the code of activity related to fish products, crustaceans and mollusks.

Breeding snails as a business
Get ready for the fact that in the course of activity you will have to deal with veterinary services more than once. Since you are going to produce a food product, and snails are mollusks (that is, living things), the process of your activity should be regulated and coordinated by the relevant services. The meat of these mollusks must be checked for purity and the absence of substances harmful to humans. In addition, with the presence of a quality certificate, you, as an entrepreneur, will feel much more confident.

An interesting fact: snail meat is a natural “Viagra”, which has a positive effect on male potency.

Species of edible snails
The most common mollusks eaten are grape (Helix pomatia) and giant Achatina (Achatina fulica). Grape snails are valued more, as their meat is healthier. And in restaurant menus you can often find just grape mollusks. There are many more species of edible gastropods. For example, such as otala vermiculata, archelix punctata, sphincterochila candidisima and some other scary words are all the names of edible snails. But these species are already very exotic, and it is unlikely that you will find them with us. And if you find it, then for our market it will be completely unpromising to breed them. Therefore, we stop at grape clams that are at least somehow familiar to the consumer.

Breeding Features

This is a business requiring a lot of patience. These creatures are not only slow in moving, but also develop for quite some time from a “child” to an adult. If the snail does not create pleasant living conditions for her, she will not rush with offspring either. These animals can hold “embryos” for a long time until the moment when favorable conditions for reproduction appear.

The deadlines for mollusk ripening are from six months to three years. So much time must pass before the snail turns into a product, ready to eat. But most often this period takes about a year and a half. Therefore, if you want to save time, it is better to immediately purchase adults who can give birth as early as possible.

Breeding snails as a business
Snails lack sex. They are same-sex creatures, and this means that each mollusk can produce offspring. Grape mollusks produce up to 60 offspring per year.

Conditions for the cultivation of grape snails
If you think that doing such a business is possible only in rural areas, then we will please you – it is available even to urban residents. You can arrange all the necessary conditions for breeding mollusks in a city apartment. You will need a room with an area of ​​at least 20 square meters, which will accommodate about ten molluscs (such as terrariums). In t…

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